Our mission is to put God at the forefront of everything we do, as we excel in helping our clients realize their vision and recover from any unexpected event.


We strive to build a lifelong relationship with our clients and to serve them in all their construction and development needs.

We bring the silver lining on a cloudy day!

More About Us

Our Versatility

XIDDCO Development and Construction has several areas in which our experience and service overlap. We cater to a unique clientele in the development and construction field, which combines residential and commercial. XIDDCO has other branches of departments that help in areas outside of storm restoration, for more information on what "X" can do for you, give a call or fill out the form on the top right.

XIDDCO's versatility and experience allows us to stretch the possibilities of service we may provide to our clients. From business owners to homeowners, the consistency in quality is our staple.

Our Partners

SolarTimeUSA is a locally owned and operated company. They focus on providing solar energy solutions to families located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. We are proud to partner up with SolarTimeUSA in an effort to promote green energy.

For more information, please contact 972−675−7725.